Travel Guide - information about the village of Burgau in the Algarve

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View to the beach of Burgaui
View Burgau
Fishermen at work
Cat in Burgau
Kap S. Vicente
Description of the resort of Burgau:

Burgau is a small fishing village with a beautiful sandy beach, directly on the Atlantic coast, the Algarve, Portugal. Holiday apartment in Burgau, Burgau Holiday House, Villa for rent in Burgau villa rental for your family vacation at the beach in Burgau. Apartment for golf holidays in Burgau. From their holiday in Burgau they reach culture and history, nature and the West Coast. Burgau is very family friendly. Many local dishes are carefully prepared in the restaurants of Burgau in a cataplana. A Cataplana they can buy online here: Cataplana Store Vacation, holiday, holiday villas, holiday villas in Burgau. The village of Burgau in the Algarve is also the Quinta da Fortaleza.

All offers for accommodation in Burgau can be found here: All accommodations in Burgau
The beach of Burgau
The beach of Burgau is within easy walking distance, which is also recommended, as parking spaces at this wonderful place on earth quite quickly are all occupied. On the beach, the sand is very nice and only slightly decreases will also find the beach of Burgau. Here it is necessary to reserve if you want to eat dinner.
Restaurants, bars and cafes in Burgau
Restaurante Esquina day off :   Coordinates:
Restaurante Esquina
The Restaurante Esquina in Burgau Jorge Seromenho was opened in September 2007 and is enjoying brisk popularity. Jorge and Natasha, the owners also live in Burgau and live just above the restaurants. The name is pronounced esquina "eschkina", meaning corner.
37° 4' 24.32'' N, 8° 46' 30.18'' W

Restaurante Esquina
Rua Principal s/n
8650-117 Burgau
+351 282 695 545

Beach Bar Burgau day off:   Coordinates:
Beach Bar Burgau
The Beach Bar Burgau is quiet busy on day time, nice fresh fish, snacks and grilled goods. It is recommended to place an early reservation for diner.
37° 4' 17.90'' N,8° 46' 33.75'' W
Beach Bar Burgau
Praia de Burgau
8650- Burgau
+351 282 697 553
Snack Bar Atomic day off:   Coordinates:
home made cake atomic
Nice, new Restaurant - Snack Bar Atomic in the heart of the village of Burgau. Friendly atmosphere and staff, homemade cakes, fresh juices, delicious coffee and free Wifi.
37° 4' 25.27'' N - 8° 46' 27.98'' W
Bar Cafe Atomic
Rua Principal
8650-117 Burgau
Restaurante O Navegador day off: sunday Coordinates:
Terrasse Restaurante O Navegador
The Restaurante Navegador in Burgau is the highest altitude in Burgau and spoils its visitors with a magnificent view of the beach of Burgau and the sea. The quotations are on fresh fish, and delicious meat, pasta and desserts, to entertaining music. A lasting memory has remained, when a Portuguese who calls himself rightly Elvis, performed ... Miguel is looking forward to your visit. From the apartment Caravela , you walk just five minutes to the Restaurante O Navegador. The Restaurante provides a free Wifi network as well.
37° 4' 20.03'' N, 8° 46' 21.90'' W
O Navegador

Rua da Fortaleza
8650- Burgau
+351 282 697 761

Varanda Snack Bar Burgau

The snack bar Varanda in Burgau is for tasty snacks, early in the morning for breakfast, live music, fine, beautiful sea views and a bunch of nice people. Here it is late at night auvh still nice to sit outside and listen to the roar of the Atlantic.
Travel Tipp for disabled or handicaped travelers
If you intend to spend your vacation or a winter period in the Algarve, travel with a disabled or handicaped person, you might as well leave your own equipment at home, save it and avoid travel damages. Sulcare is the right partner to provide all necessary rental equipment, like mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc, or even hoists or pool lifts. Have a look, get a quote and enjoy your stay.
Leisure activities
Name Place Distance
Carting at the F1 race track
Mexilhoeira Grande N125 - 38 km
Sights of interest in and around Burgau  
Dam - Barragem da Bravura
EN125-9 via Odeaxere
Stausee Barragem da Bravura
The dam "Barragem da Bravura" is part of the watershed of the rivers in the western Algarve and has been created for the hydropower industry in the agricultural region. The lake is located in the southern hills of Espinhaço de Cão, a mountainous region between the Algarve and in the western sedimentary basin and extends into the communities in the district of Lagos, Bensafrim and in the Monchique district. The dam is 41 meters high and built on the banks of the Odiáxere, the flooded area is about 285 hectares and a capacity of 35 million cubic meters. The lake is classified as a reservoir of protected public waters used for drinking water supply and the surrounding towns. The most used approachability to the site is through Odiáxere.
Lighthouse of Ponta da Piedade 
to the south, atlantic
The road to the headland of Ponta de Piedade with its lighthouse at the end, takes you past weird coves and beautiful beaches. The visitor enjoys breathtaking views of the sea and the bay of Lagos.
Leuchtturm an der Ponta da Piedade
Fort Ponta da Bandeira
Avenida dos Descubrimentos
The fort has been used since the 17th Century for the defense of the port of city of Lagos. From here, the river Bensafrim accompanies the Avenida dos Descrubrimentos (Avenue of Discoveries), and serves fishing boats and yachts on their way in the harbor and entrance to the Marina de Lagos.
Ponta da Bandeira
Name Place Distance
Autódromo Internacional do Algarve
Mexilhoeira Grande N125 - 38 km
Zoo Lagos (coord: 37.14501,-8.765675)
Barao Sao Miguel 12 km
Cabo S. Vicente
Sagres 29 km
Monchique, Gipfel, Foia
Monchique 61 km
Friends of Nature  
From Burgau can be made beautiful walks and hikes along the coast. Nature lovers and bird watchers will just get their money, such as fishing. Burgau is situated in a nature reserve of Costa Vicentina and will remain thus spared the terrible cultivations of other coastal towns.

"Hotspot" for birders

If it is cold and rainy outside, year after year refer draw millions of migratory birds in the south to there in the sun to their wintering grounds. For bird enthusiasts, this is the best time to travel to the Algarve. At the Vicentin coast with its nature reserves around Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente, visitors will find the ideal platform. From Burgau you can reach the most beautiful observation points in a few minutes. Many bird species are doing now on their way to Africa this station. Popular in Great Britain and the United States has been for a long time, even in Germany the number is growing of people who have the pleasure in watching wild birds. Therefore, the cliffs and rock faces within Vila do Bispo and Aljezur not only a true paradise for ornithologists. Even for families with children is the observation of these animals is a special experience. From the cliffs the cliffs can be seen passing by hundreds of birds in good weather. But even native species can be down here. Whether gulls, crows, herons, hawks or eagles - over 200 bird species migrate to the big rock their young. Thus, the natural park of the Costa Vicentina is the only known place where white storks nest on sea cliffs. If you would like the various species of birds but not only, but more about their lives and learn the habits, the possibility of guided tours by experts must participate. Nature lovers walk through different areas of birds and learn interesting facts about the behavior of these animals and the techniques of flying birds. Because some of these genera, such as the osprey, are threatened with extinction, while the tours take strict care not to penetrate far into their habitats.
Help for travelers with limited mobility in Burgau or Praia da Luz

Mobility is an important feature of our day to day lifes.AlgarveMobilityHire offers a full mobility service to customers that includes equipment sales and rentals alongside a full delivery service and after sales care specially in the Algarve. They are also able to provide contacts for customers that require holiday properties or hotels that are equipped for elderly and disabled people, as well as nursing service in the Algarve.

If nessecary, please do not hesitate to contact them, informing about your doubt or question per Phone, dialing +351 289 417 243 or +351 960 004 682, or via Email, using

Featured Holiday Accommodation in Burgau
Ferienwohnung Caravela in Burgau
Ferienzimmer in Casa Elisabeth
Apartment Maria Praia 2
Apartment Casa Maria Burgau
Beach house 2
Apartment Caravela
Rooms at Casa Elisabeth
Apartment Maria Praia 2
Casa Maria
Beach House 2
The fully furnished apartment in Burgau offers all the comfort for four adults to enjoy a relaxing holiday near the beach.
Each of the three rooms, the woman hired fishing can be booked individually. Hence we can for two, four or even six people can enjoy their holiday.
Freshly renovated apartment with two large and one small bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large terrace with a fantastic view
Nice small apartment, right on the beach. For up to 2 people.
The Beachhouse Studio is a top floor offering probably the best view in the village with an outside terrace, south facing direct to the beach. Apartment 2 sleeps a maximum of 2 (2 x adults maximum).