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Questions from tenants / guests

How do I find a particular holiday region?
How do I find an accommodation on a particular travel topic?
How do I contact the landlord?
Is the accommodation available and at what costs the stay?
Is a booking request already mandatory in some form?


Questions of landlords / sellers

To register
Registering and registration - are you alandlord and first time here?
How do I unlock my access?
I did not get a confirmation email after registration.
Can I later change my address?

For fares, rates and benefits
We offer three different rates with different prices and services
How long is the duration of or subscription?
How can I pay?

Object administration
How do I log into the owners menu?
How do I enter a vacation property?
Can I ask you to enter my holiday accommodation, too?

Problems with setting objects
Error messages

How to do I get questions and inquiries on my holiday accommodation?

Legal stuff
Contact the website and portal administrator
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Questions from tenants / guests

How do I find a particular holiday region?

Here you have different opions:

1) On the main page you will find the quick search, in which you can select country, region and subregion. Also, you can narrow the selection by the number of persons traveling.

2) On the Detail search you can limit your search accurately and search the object and / or accommodation by number (VHxxxx).

3) You can also, in the left category tree, in the "Top 12 travel destinations" select your holiday destination and then select any particular region.

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How do I find an accommodation on a particular travel topic?

Choose on the main page the top left menu with travel topics. On the catalog page that opens, you can select the appropriate region for your travel theme. (e.g. "Lastminute" or Golf holidays)

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How do I contact the landlord?

On each detailed object page of the holiday accommodation you will find the button "inquiry". The form with your request for information or reservation will be forwarded directly to the respective owner. He will then reply as soon as possible. Also you can find under "important date" the "contact to the host". Mostly are here telephone and fax numbers provided and the option "inquiry or reservation" for the request form.

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Is the accommodation available and at what costs to stay?

On each object page you will find at the top, the button "occupancy". (if the landlord displays the calendar - some dont)
You also got the option to calculate "calculate the concrete price".
Please specify dates of arrival and departure, as well as the number of people, then click on "calculate price". Seasonal rates are taken into account here, supplementary and incidental expenses, occupancy, minimum stay, rates and last minute.

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Is a booking request or inquiry already mandatory in some form?

A booking request is for information only, and does not commit you in any way to any agreements or commitments.

Questions of landlords / sellers

You are a owner and here for the first time?

The registration is fully free !.

Before you can enter a vacation property, you must first register as a landlord. Register under the menu item to register for free. Once you have clicked on this link will open a form for entering your address. The fields marked with * are mandatory. Pay special attention to the proper spelling of your email address.

Step 1: Registration
When registering, enter your personal information. Then you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Step 2: Login and edit
After registering, you can log in with your login data and enter your accommodation in our catalog. You then have the opportunity to set pictures of your property and edit occupancy.

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How do I unlock my access?

After you have filled in the registration form and sent, you get to your specified email address an email. This email contains a link to confirm your registration. Click on the confirmation link in the email. Afterwards, your access to the owners area is enabled. The confirmation process is required, so that no one else can set up an account with your email address at Villas & Homes.

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I dont get the confirmation email after registration.

The confirmation email is sent to the email address by which you registered. See also in the spam folder of your email program. Maybe the mail was moved to it. Have you actually not received any email, you have probably entered incorrectly when you registered your email address. Please register yourselve once again with the correct email address.

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Can I alter my address later?

Your address and personal datas can always be altered later in the owners administration area, in the field "personal data".

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How much is the entry of a vacation property?

We offer three different rates with three different services. You can find the detailed description here: Prices and Services

Free - subscription
Standard - subscription EUR 30,00/ year
Premium - subscription EUR 40,00/ year

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How can I pay?

You can conveniently pay by bank transfer to our German or Portuguese account. Alternatively, we offer a payment through the PAYPAL service.
The corresponding data can be found in the email to confirm your advert.

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How long is my contract or subscription?

Your subscription begins with the day on which we receive your payment and lasts 365 days. It is not automatically extended or implicitly, relevant is the date of our invoice or receipt.

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How do I login into the owners menu?

Once you have registered, you can log into the owners sector. To do this, choose the menu item "letter - login". Enter your user name with which you have registered with Villas & Homes, and your password. Then press Login. Now you are in the owner administration area.

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How do I enter an accommodation / vacation property?

To enter an accommodation, you must be registered at Villas & Homes, and your access must be activated. Objects are entered and edited in the owners administration menu. To do that, you have to login to the administration area.
a) If you have logged in, select the option "create new object"
b) Please fill in at first and at least all bold fields - these are mandatory.
c) Important: This includes the object titles, which must be awarded in all languages - but can be 5 times the same.
d) Save all your entries by using the button at the left bottom by clicking on "save input"!
e) Having saved those datas, you can add and edit occupancies, pictures, prices and so on

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Can I ask you to enter my holiday accommodation, too?

Basically, we can add your vacation property on our side. If you want to apply for the entering of your rental property,adjusting the images and so on, please fill in a data sheet and send it to us. The costs incurred, please ask us, we will find an agreement.

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Problems setting and editing objects

Error message: title not indicated

- Please enter the title in all languages (may be equal, we adapt it for you)

Error message: title already exists

- Please atribuite another name to your accommodation

Error message: country not specified

- In "address of the object" the word "Country" is bold - please specify.

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How to reach me by posting questions on my holiday accommodation?

You will receive questions about information and booking requests directly via the contact information given by you, such as telephone, fax or email.

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