Terms of use

Terms of use

Valid from 01.12.2008

  1. General, Scope
  2. Subject matter of the contract / service
  3. Link back to us (contrary Link)
  4. Details of the vendors / landlords
  5. Term and Termination
  6. Payment Terms
  7. Use and access from / to content
  8. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
  9. Privacy Policy
  10. Other provisions

1. General, Scope

Below are the Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the company by the Villas and Homes (hereinafter referred to Villas and Homes) offer Internet platform for renting holiday accommodation between Villas and Homes, the providers / owners and those interested / regulated tenants.

2. Subject matter of the contract / service

Villas & Homes is committed to the contracting authority within the Internet application Villas and Homes to present. Each holiday property is on a separate web page. Villas and Homes strives to preserve its benefits to the latest technological developments and current market developments. Villas and Homes reserves so changes to the agreed services to the extent such changes do not affect the core benefits and taking into account the interests of the contractor for this are reasonable. Villas and Homes reserves the right to a processing time for translations of up to 10 weeks.

3. Details of the vendors / landlords

The owner / provider is committed to only serious offers for accommodation and to these homes and villas to be transmitted, information about the offer carefully and truthfully put together and this immediately delete or mark as occupied if the property offered is no longer available (eg derecognized reserved or generally no longer available) is. The vendor / lessor undertakes to provide only accommodations that are in his possession or for which he has a marketing contract. For the content and accuracy of the data is solely the vendor / landlord is responsible.

Villas and Homes is not obligated by the advertiser for information, text, images, photos, sketches and other content on competition law and copyright infringements to examine. The advertiser has full press law, competition law, copyright law, legal personality, legal name, trademark and other legal responsibility for the ad (s). The provider / landlord undertakes not to transmit data, whose rights against third parties, or against existing laws. The advertiser provides villas and homes from all claims that third parties against villas and homes because of the violation of their rights or because of legal violations on the basis of the advertiser provided content claim. The advertiser accepts this, the cost of legal defense of Villas and Homes, including all court and lawyer costs.

If the vendor / landlord ads may be used to abuse, be it from us without warning deleted.

4. Link back to us (contrary Link, or backlink)

If you as a customer have your own website for your own accommodation or accommodations and Villas and Homes with state, so you have the following options:

You set a link from your homepage on our website. So you do not have to pay extra charge.

You do not link to our website, in this case, you must pay a surcharge, according to our current price table.

The surcharge for the link is independent of whether your ad (s) in the test phase, is free or the regular price you pay for.

5. Term and Termination

The contract comes with submitting the online entry or with the activation over the Internet and / or in the event that on-line registration is not used - through an e-mail order or through an order by mail or fax the entity established for this all articles, advertisements, sketches, photos, etc. from the vendors / landlords available.

The contract is for one year and shall be tacitly renewed for further periods of one year, if not by one of the parties without a deadline to the end writing (by letter, fax or e-mail) will be canceled. The contribution year always starts on 01 January and always ends at 31.12. of the year. It will only be calculated on full months.

Here's an example:

You as a vendor / lessor get your activating or accommodation on 15 April of the year. Calculated in this instance by 01 May to 31 December. On 01 January at a new full contribution year unless the deadline has been canceled.

In the construction phase of the Internet platform Villas and Homes are all unrestricted free advertisements up to and including the 31 December 2009. From the 01 January 2010 then our regular general terms and conditions of use and prices.

It is the only / the ad (s) for self-registration for free, professional translation, the entry by us, the amendment made by us and the extra cost for a set-back may not link (link opposite) remain unaffected. See price list

Villas and Homes reserves the right, adopted in legally binding contracts, advertisements reject, modify or delete them entirely. Similarly, the right to the customer on a permanent basis from taking part.

Any change made by the vendors / landlords themselves about the customer admin area after the publication of the holiday display object should be able to villas and homes because of their content, their origin or their technical form in accordance with uniform, objectively justified principles are rejected. Villas and homes has the contracting authority for the rejection of the amendment accordingly. If the vendor / landlord by Villas and Homes rejected amendment may Villas and Homes to display the vendor / lessor on the Internet to the omission of unsuccessful change.

The provider / landlord himself immediately to ascertain whether the advertisement is published without error and any defects must be notified immediately. Villas and homes will immediately upon receipt of the Complaint for a removal of the alleged deficiencies, if they are defects that are not from the vendors / landlords themselves about the customer admin area of villas and homes can be eliminated. Claims by the seller / landlord for damages are excluded unless Villas and Homes are not or gross negligence are to be ashamed of.

6. Payment Terms

Contributions for all services provided by vendors / landlords used are given contribution year in advance, immediately after conclusion of the seminar. A refund of the prepaid amount is not possible. Villas and Homes published the advertisement only after receipt of payment.

The price list included in the prices, surcharges and discounts are provided for all vendors / landlords uniform applied so that each vendor / lessor does not matter how much he Lodging offering the same prices are given. Advertising agencies and other intermediaries are required to specify in their tenders, contracts and settlements with the advertisers in the price of villas and homes to keep. One might of Villas and Homes mediation compensation granted to the contracting authority may not, in whole or in part will be circulated.

The Terms and Conditions (GTC), including the prices (fees) may Villas and Homes with a period of four weeks should be amended. The provider / landlord can terminate the contractual relationship within two weeks from receipt of the notification to change the date of taking effect of the change notice. Possibly. Amendments to the Terms and tariffs are the vendors / landlords, both by publishing on the Internet at www.villas-and-homes.com and through an e-mail message.

If the vendors / landlords with payments in arrears, can Villas Homes and the presentation of the client on the Internet to the entrance of the open set amount. Particularly in the case of an automatic contract extension determines the compensation for the contract extension hinzutretende according to the price of the products, which two weeks before the start of the period of notice for the client validity. Payments are due immediately upon receipt of invoice. If payment is delayed or deferred, the statutory interest will be charged. In the case of late payment reserves Villas and Homes, which own contractual performance, up to the termination of the delay, restrain. Costs resulting from the exposure or recovery charge backs Villas and Homes, will be further burdened.

Accommodation offers in connection with which the event of a successful landlord / broker fee is required, this must be explicitly mentioned in the offer and the level of intermediation costs and the agency authorized to call.

7. Access and use of information obtained from databases and offers

Homes and Villas are interested / tenants on the Internet the opportunity to free on suitable offers of holiday accommodation from the databases of villas and homes to gain access. A legal right to grant an access does not exist and their use may at any time of villas and homes should be prohibited.

The access through the information obtained on the website of Villas and Homes, only for personal use and only in connection with the specific interest in the popular holiday rental accommodation are used.

8. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Homes and Villas is a travel and occurs exclusively as an agent for various broadcasters, private landlords and agencies.

Villas and Homes has no responsibility to the stakeholders / tenants, as the rental / reservation solely between the buyer / tenant and the landlord / provider / tour takes place with the landlord / provider / tour operator for booking and payment settlement responsible is.

Homes and Villas in no case shall himself as a tour on!

Villas and Homes can not guarantee that described under point 2 service continuously and bug-free is available.

There is no placement guarantee for all villas and holiday homes set and other lodging accommodations. The rental and reservation of holiday objects made by the interested parties / tenant.

Villas and Homes assumes no liability for damages of any kind, before, during or after a Mietobjektvermittlung arise or may arise.

Any liability for damage claims is excluded.

Villas and Homes assumes no responsibility for entries by third parties to the interests of other contracting law.

For the correctness and legality of such information rests solely with the landlord / vendor

Responsibility for the content of linked pages

Our site contains links to external websites over which we have no control. Therefore, we can for these foreign contents also not take any responsibility. For the contents of the linked pages is always the provider or operator of those sites. The linked pages were at the time of linking for possible legal offenses. Illegal contents were at the time of linking. A permanent control of the linked sites, however, without concrete evidence of a violation of the law unreasonable. Upon notification of violations, we immediately remove such links.

9. Privacy Policy.

Unless otherwise agreed, the information provided to Villas and Homes is not considered confidential. Data about the customers offers and contacts can be made accessible to third parties (such as entries in online directories, search engines and similar services). The customer is hereby designated pursuant to § 33 para 1 German Federal Data Protection Act is informed that Villas Homes and his address in machine-readable form and tasks arising from the contract, mechanically processed. Where Villas and Homes to provide the third party offered services operated, this entitles the customer to disclose, if necessary for a freezing of the operation is necessary. The client itself is not entitled to them or from third parties through the Homes and Villas provide services for him or a third party is not specific data and information. The customer is aware that, for all participants through the internet the possibility of transmitted data and evaluate communications. This risk is taken by the customer.

All personal information will remain confidential.

10. Other provisions

Changes and additions to the contract must be in writing. This also applies for a waiver of this written form requirement.

For this contract and its implementation shall be governed exclusively by the law of the European Union.

Jurisdiction is the seat of Villas and Homes, where the customer is a merchant within the meaning of § 38 ZPO is.

For any legal performances, is chosen the headquarters of Villas and Homes in Portugal.

Should individual provisions of this Agreement invalid or void or will be, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Treaty. Instead of the invalid clause a valid clause will take place, which in meaning and content comes closest to the invalid.